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We create websites that are designed and built with SEO in mind. Get ahead of your competition with the help of our experienced designers and developers. Here, at Dorset Digital, a website is way more than just a website.

Website Design in Bournemouth

We are Dorset Digital, a creative web design agency in Bournemouth. We have been serving many businesses locally as well as across the UK and internationally. Our team has the expertise to take care of all your digital needs.

Webdesign & Development Agency Bournemouth

Web Design that converts

Dorset Digital is here to help your business grow! Our expert team in Bournemouth builds websites that are fundamentally designed to drive conversion rates. Your growth is our success.

User Friendly Web Design - Web Development Company Bournemouth

Web Design Agency Bournemouth

User Friendly Design

In order to get the most of your website, you definitely need lots of visitors and you also need those visitors to turn into paying customers. User-friendly design focuses on making products or systems easy and intuitive to use for a wide range of people. It emphasizes simplicity, efficiency, accessibility, and an enjoyable user experience. Our UX Team in Bournemouth is here to guide you through your digital journey!

Website Development  Company Bournemouth

Web Development Bournemouth

SEO friendly development

We think it’s super important to build and design with growth in mind. Our Team understands the importance of digital marketing and SEO. For this reason, we put lots of knowledge and experience into our designs and development so that search engines can read and understand just as much as your users! Our Web Design Team in Bournemouth has the expertise to drive your business forward!

Mobile First Web Design - Web Design Agency Bournemouth

Web Design Company Bournemouth

Mobile First Design

Since most of the web traffic is happening on mobile devices, your website has to be designed the way that it works perfectly on mobile devices. We use a strategy where our team creates websites and applications for smaller, mobile devices first, and then scale up to larger screens like desktops. If your website is not properly optimised for mobile phones, you can potentially lose out on customers. Our expert design and development team in Bournemouth is here to make sure this won't happen to your business!

We design and build with SEO in mind

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Custom CMS Development - Web Design Company Bournemouth

Web Design Bournemouth

Custom Made CMS

Our team in Bournemouth creates custom solutions for every client of ours because we believe that no websites should be the same. We don’t have templates, we value bespoke and unique approaches. When thinking about web design, we are also thinking about CMS (Custom Management System) so that in case you would like to manage content and changes to your website, you can.

Ecommerce design and development Dorset Bournemouth

Bespoke Website Development Bournemouth


Dorset Digital has been on the forefront of E commerce development in Bournemouth and across the UK. We create e-commerce stores that give an immersive shopping experience to your customers by creating engaging and conversion focused design and content. You can trust our expert web design team in Bournemouth to take care of your website. We only build with SEO in mind and that’s especially important for an E commerce site.

Ongoing Website Maintenance And Support Bournemouth

Digital Agency Bournemouth

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Launching a project is only the beginning as websites have to be maintained on a regular basis. Our team in Bournemouth is ready to answer any questions you may have. We don’t just build, we also educate so that all our customers can use our software products with confidence and ease. It’s crucial to stay ahead of your competitors by making sure your website is secure, functioning as it should and keeps attracting new users. Your growth is our success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a professional designed website?

A professionally designed website not only provides a positive first impression to visitors but also enhances user experience, boosting trust and credibility. It ensures your site is optimised for various devices, loads quickly, and aligns with your brand's values and goals, leading to better user engagement and higher conversions.

How long does web design and development take?

The timeframe for designing and developing a website varies based on its complexity, size, and specific client requirements. A basic website can take 7 - 14 days, while a complex, custom site may take several months. Clear communication and timely feedback can help streamline the process.

Can I update my website content by myself?

Absolutely! We design and build custom websites with a bespoke CMS (Content Management System). This means that you can update the content of your website any time without any development knowledge. We don't use Wordpress websites, so the CMS we provide will be much more straight forward.

How much web design and development cost?

We build websites from scratch. Our design and development will be user friendly and SEO optimised. We are proud of our website speed optimisation too 95+ score on Google Page Speed. Our web design and development prices starts from £4,000 + VAT but it depends on the size of the project.

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