Seasonal PPC Campaigns: Timing Is Everything

by Mercedes - Nov 03, 2023

In digital marketing, timing plays a super important role in dictating the success or failure of a campaign. This is especially true for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that revolve around seasonality. When done right, seasonal PPC campaigns can give your business an impressive return on investment by leveraging consumer behaviour during specific times of the year. The trick lies in understanding the the timing. 


Why Seasonal PPC Matters

Before we dive into the specifics, it's important to understand why seasonality is so critical. Certain times of the year are synonymous with particular events, holidays, or consumer behaviours. For example, the winter holiday season is infamous for its shopping sprees, while Valentine's Day is a significant time for gifts and dining out. By aligning your PPC campaign with these seasonal trends, you can tap into the consumer mindset and boost your campaign's efficiency.


The Early Bird The Best Chance

You might think that starting your seasonal PPC campaign just a few days before the event would be just fine. After all, isn't that when the hype is at its peak? Surprisingly, this is a common misconception.

In reality, consumers often start their research and shopping well in advance. For example, for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, some shoppers begin their research weeks or even a month in advance. By the time the actual date arrives, they already have a game plan in place.

With that said, launching your PPC campaign early can capture this segment of proactive consumers. Not only can you gain advantage, but early exposure can also boost brand recall when they're finally ready to make a purchase.


Duration of the Campaign

The next aspect to consider is how long your campaign should run. This largely depends on the nature of the season or event. For holidays like Christmas, where the shopping season is extended, your campaign might run for a month or even longer. For specific days like Halloween or Valentine's Day, a shorter span might be suitable.

However, remember that ending your campaign right on the event day can be a lost opportunity. Post-event sales and extended deals can also be lucrative, and you'd want your PPC campaign to capitalise on that as well.


Optimise for Mobile

Seasonal shopping, especially during sales or holiday periods, sees a significant surge in mobile traffic. As consumers browse on the go, ensuring that your PPC ads are optimised for mobile devices becomes crucial. From ensuring quick load times to optimising the landing page for smaller screens, every aspect should be mobile-friendly.


Adapt and Adjust

Just setting your campaign live isn't enough. Monitoring it in real-time can give you invaluable insights. Are certain keywords generating more traffic than others? Is there a sudden surge in a particular product category? By staying on top of these trends and adapting your PPC campaign accordingly, you can make sure your campaign will have optimal performance throughout the season.


Embrace Creativity

Seasonal PPC isn't just about catching consumers at the right time; it's also about catching their attention. This is where creativity comes into play. Your ad copy, visuals, and even call-to-action should resonate with the seasonal theme. A generic ad will get lost in the noise, but a creative, season-specific ad will stand out and engage consumers.


Plan for the Next Season

Once your seasonal campaign concludes, don't just move on. Analyse the data, understand what worked and what didn't, and start planning for the next season. Each campaign provides a learning opportunity, and by leveraging these insights, you can make your next seasonal PPC campaign even more impactful.

In essence, when it comes to seasonal PPC, it's not just about being there; it's about being there at the right time. And as we all know, timing is everythi

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