Engaging Your Audience with Social Media Story Telling

by Mercedes - Sep 20, 2023

Connecting with your audience on social media is not just about posting and hoping people will like and share it. It's about finding a topic that will engage the audience and then start creating content that matters. Stories that people will learn from, can resonate with and stories that your audience will remember. Every time something happens to them that's relevant to your post - you brand and story will come to their mind. This is the art of storytelling. 


Know Your Audience

There are so many people out there that have different social media accounts. In fact, there's hardly anyone who's never scrolling on Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok. Understanding your audience is super important in order to come up with content that matters to them. It's a great idea to conducting surveys or informal polls. By getting to know their interests, lifestyle, and habits, you're setting the stage for relatable and engaging content.


Be Genuine

People appreciate if something is real. Make sure the story you share on social media is a real-life story. Something that can happen to anyone out there. By sharing genuine experiences, celebrating achievements, and even acknowledging mistakes, you build a bond of trust. It's about making your audience feel they're chatting with a friend rather than a distant perfection.


Share Stories With a Familiar Face

Make sure you give your story a face. It doesn't matter if it's you, your family member, colleague or a random stranger. It helps to build a connection, and audiences begin to recognise those faces and resonate with recurring characters in your narrative. It's all about trust and people they already know, tend to trust more. 


Use Visuals 

Pictures and videos are a great way to enhance your social media stories. They can turn an ordinary story into an extraordinary one. Invest in quality images or videos that complement what you are sharing. It's doesn't need to be a professionally done video or photo. Depending on the content of your story, home -made videos and photos are just as fine. 


Get the interest of your audience

First impressions matter. In the world of infinite scrolling, the opening of your story determines if someone stays or moves on. Use captivating headlines, intriguing images, or relatable anecdotes to ensure your audience is hooked from the start. Also, interactive elements can boost your story significantly. 


Keep it short

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Make sure you don't overwhelm your audience. Yes, you have to give them valuable content but on the other hand, it's important to shorten it as much as possible. Don't fill it with information that's not so relevant. Focus on what's matter. Each sentence should serve a purpose. If it doesn't add to the story, consider cutting it.


Add a Bit of Urgency 

Some of the best marketing strategies bank on the ‘fear of missing out’. Use the transient nature of certain social media stories, like those on Instagram, to your advantage. Share exclusive sneak peeks or time-sensitive updates to keep your audience coming back for more.


Have a Clear Next Step

Every story should lead somewhere. Whether you want your audience to explore a new product, sign up for a newsletter, or participate in a community event, make sure they know how to do it. Clear and friendly calls-to-action guide your audience without being pushy. 


Social media marketing is ever - evolving. Remember when Reels came into the picture? It wasn't so long ago. Your audience is everything. Every step you take have to be taken with your audience in mind. How do you know if it's working? Analyse your stories' performances, gather feedback, and adjust your strategy accordingly. It’s a continuous learning journey. 

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