Design meets Code - The connection between Web Design and Web Development

by Mercedes - Sep 15, 2023

Today almost everything happens online and safe to say that most if not all the businesses out there have an online home alongside a physical location, a beautifully designed and built website plays a huge part of your success. It's all about User Experience and both Web Design and Web Development are equally important. Most people often think of Web Design as a whole and tend to forget about Development. Stay tuned, you are about to discover lots of interesting facts that most people don't know. Here is you daily insider info:


Visuals - What is Web Design?

Design comes before development. Think of it like building a house. Before you start the works, you need a plan, you need visuals so you see what to put where. Is it just about what we see? Well, there are several key elements that we have to consider like: layout, colour scheme, typography, images, and overall look and feel. The goal is to come up with a look that potential users will like so that they return to the site. There are a few things Designers consider: target audience, brand guidelines, and the purpose of the website. 

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Code - Bringing Design to Life

Once the design is ready, it's time to transform all that into code. Development is the actual coding part that makes a website function and it's usually split into two parts:

  • Frontend Development: As the name suggests it's the part what the users see. 
  • Backend Development: This is all about the server and database that work behind the scenes to facilitate the functioning of the website.


Where Design Meets Code

You might think that designers design and developers code, so their tasks never overlap. However, the reality is far from this. 


At the planning stage, Designer usually come with a prototype that they can show the client and also discuss with the Developers. It's important that everyone who's involved in the development has their say. This is to make sure that what is being designed can be implemented in the development phase. 

Responsive Design

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Cannot stress it enough how users shifted towards mobile phones and with that being said, responsive design is now a must have rather than a nice to have. Designer have to come up with designs that look good both on mobile devices and other screens like tablets, laptops.

There are lots of technical aspects as well that worth mentioning. Version control for example, that manages changes, updates and both designers and developers use. Communication is key to make sure that the design vision is accurately implemented during the development phase. Speaking of communication.

Communication Equals Success

The biggest challenge often lies in communication. Clear documentation, regular meetings, and using collaborative software can help overcome these challenges. 


Keeping up with Technology

It's needless to say how quick changes can affect a Developers and Designers. What's new today can be history tomorrow. It's all about learning finding new ways to work together as a Team. 


Web Design and Web Development are truly close to one another. There is no development without design and there is no design without development. One is the imagination and the other one is the creation. 

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